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High Priestess
High Priestess / Best Studio Ever
We have 10 studios total offering body piercing and 5 of our locations in Oregon offer tattooing. We're located in downtown Eugene, Eugene Campus, Corvallis, Salem, and Roseburg, Oregon.  

We’ve worked hard over the years to create an all-inclusive, safe space within our studios for our beautifully diverse staff members, clients, and community.

Our studios strive to promote equality and acceptance in every way. We do NOT tolerate discrimination of race, gender, gender identity, orientation, body type, abilities, religion, ethnicity, social/economic status, or any other form of hate. It is of the utmost importance that our staff and our clients feel safe and respected when  within our studios. If you cannot or are unwilling to help us adhere to this policy, we may not be the right studio for you and we encourage you to find a studio that is.

Otherwise, we are excited to meet you... or see you again... and we thank you for helping us continue to be the Best Studio Ever.

Our Mission Statement

Best Studio Ever is committed to meeting the unique and individual needs of each one of our clients by providing the highest quality body modifications available anywhere. We aim to maintain our profitability, our sense of humor, and our moderate growth, while continuing to offer our body modification professionals continued education, benefits, and a safe, aesthetically pleasing work environment.

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