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Over 3 artists in Sofia, Bulgaria

Find tattoo artists for hire in Sofia, Bulgaria and reach out to them directly in TattooGis, the largest tattoo artists for hire marketplace in the world.

TattooGigs tattoo 1 from Aleksandar B
Aleksandar B tattoo artist for hire
Aleksandar  B
Guest artist
📍Sofia, Bulgaria
🇺🇸  American traditional
🆕  Neo-traditional
TattooGigs tattoo 1 from Kristian N
Kristian N tattoo artist for hire
Kristian N
Guest artist
📍Sofia, Bulgaria
𑗊  Ornamental
♠️  Blackwork
TattooGigs tattoo 1 from Stefani L
Stefani L tattoo artist for hire
Stefani L
Resident artist
📍Sofia, Bulgaria
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